Thursday, February 27, 2014

My Birthday Celebration


Dear Diary,

Hari ni nak tulis on my birthday celebration.

Banyak sangat birthday celebration this year, ada 5 parts:

1) On 7th Feb 2014 with colleagues and Mr Fiance
     venue: Amcorp Mall and A&W
2) On 8th Feb 2014 with two foreign colleagues and Mr Fiance
     venue: Sunway Pyramid
3) Early dinner with Chemistry team at LP
     venue: Pantry level 11 at LP
4) Dinner with Mr Fiance
     venue: Terazza Brassarie, Grand Dorset Hotel, Subang Jaya
5) Dinner with family
     venue: One Grill Station, Sungai Buloh

Rasanya birthday this year paling best since dah masuk late 20s ni.. hehe...

Thanks all for the celebration. Reaching this age makes me think more.

Overall, semua venue best. All the foods were satisfying. Sedap..
First birthday gift from Syikin and Diwan

Part 1: at A&W

Part 1: After a dinner at Amcorp Mall with colleagues

Part 4: at Terazza Brassarie Grand Dorset Hotel, Subang

The cake!

Selfie time~~

Part 5: Abah and Umi

Part 5: Akak, abang and raaiqa

Part 5: us

Part 5: Adik and Ijat

Birthday gift from Feena 

Birthday gift from Imran

Part 2: Robocop movie and lunch at The Manhattan Fish Market, Sunway Pyramid

Part 2: Us
My first ever really big birthday card!

It's cute (the inside look)

Part 3: The only 'whole birthday cake' :)

Part 3: with colleagues in LP (Chemistry team)

Part 3: with colleagues in LP (Chemistry team)

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