Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Dear Diary,

Assalamualaikum w.b.t..

Hari ni nak cerita sikit pasal MH370.. MAS flight from KLIA bound to Beijing. Macam-macam spekulasi timbul. Hari ni dah masuk hari ke-12, tak jumpa lagi aircraft tu.

First day dapat tahu pasal Boeing 777 ni hilang, Mr Fiance call pagi-pagi 8 Mac tu cakap 'Syg, ada insiden pagi ni. Ada MAS flight supposedly land kat Beijing at 6.30 am. Tapi sampai sekarang tak dapat contact. I baru baca email, semua staf dapat.'

Masa tu terkejut sangat, terfikir kat family members captain, co pilot, cabin crew, passenger. Sedih, kasihan bercampur aduk. Maka, satu hari tu mengadap TV, tengok Astro Awani live, tak tukar channel lain pun sebab nak tahu latest update.

Unfortunately, up til today.. the aircraft is still missing, too much speculation by the social media, foreign media which keep on putting pressure on Malaysian government.

Tapi dari sesi press conference hari-hari, nampak kewibawaan Hishamuddin (Minister of Defence Malaysia and acting Transportation Minister) jawab soalan wartawan. Nampaklah seorang Menteri kat Malaysia ni yang boleh diharap. hehe..

On 12th March, Mr Fiance had a flight bound to BWN, MH730.. what a coincidence. I was nervous a bit. But anyhow I do understand that there is always risk in whatever we are doing. The best solution is to pray for our safety, pray for a good ending and above all, have faith in HIM.

For the flight crew, cabin crew and passengers of MH370, we pray for your safety. May God protects all of you and may He eases the SAR process. Aminn..

Dear Mr Fiance, I pray for your safety, may Allah protects you no matter where and when. Aminn..

Mr Fiance's schedule (March)

Thursday, February 27, 2014

My Birthday Celebration


Dear Diary,

Hari ni nak tulis on my birthday celebration.

Banyak sangat birthday celebration this year, ada 5 parts:

1) On 7th Feb 2014 with colleagues and Mr Fiance
     venue: Amcorp Mall and A&W
2) On 8th Feb 2014 with two foreign colleagues and Mr Fiance
     venue: Sunway Pyramid
3) Early dinner with Chemistry team at LP
     venue: Pantry level 11 at LP
4) Dinner with Mr Fiance
     venue: Terazza Brassarie, Grand Dorset Hotel, Subang Jaya
5) Dinner with family
     venue: One Grill Station, Sungai Buloh

Rasanya birthday this year paling best since dah masuk late 20s ni.. hehe...

Thanks all for the celebration. Reaching this age makes me think more.

Overall, semua venue best. All the foods were satisfying. Sedap..
First birthday gift from Syikin and Diwan

Part 1: at A&W

Part 1: After a dinner at Amcorp Mall with colleagues

Part 4: at Terazza Brassarie Grand Dorset Hotel, Subang

The cake!

Selfie time~~

Part 5: Abah and Umi

Part 5: Akak, abang and raaiqa

Part 5: us

Part 5: Adik and Ijat

Birthday gift from Feena 

Birthday gift from Imran

Part 2: Robocop movie and lunch at The Manhattan Fish Market, Sunway Pyramid

Part 2: Us
My first ever really big birthday card!

It's cute (the inside look)

Part 3: The only 'whole birthday cake' :)

Part 3: with colleagues in LP (Chemistry team)

Part 3: with colleagues in LP (Chemistry team)

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Dear Diary,

Rasanya dah lama sangat tak update blog ni. The last entry was in 2010 I guess..

And I think I should start writing this again. For the sake of one word 'WEDDING'..

Untuk kenangan di masa depan. hehe..

So, the solemnization date will be on 30th May 2014 (InsyaAllah).

Tapi susah nak set date sebab Mr Fiance tak habis lagi training for MAS. I just hope things will be fine and

he can finish it by May.

Anyway, congrats to Mr Fiance for the acceptance. He had waited for almost 2 years.. It's a long period


me with the cap :)

Mr Fiance in his uniform.

the wings :)

Now only I realised I should have written more. Too many things happened in the past 2 years. hehe..

Will continue tomorrow :)