Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Dear Diary,

Rasanya dah lama sangat tak update blog ni. The last entry was in 2010 I guess..

And I think I should start writing this again. For the sake of one word 'WEDDING'..

Untuk kenangan di masa depan. hehe..

So, the solemnization date will be on 30th May 2014 (InsyaAllah).

Tapi susah nak set date sebab Mr Fiance tak habis lagi training for MAS. I just hope things will be fine and

he can finish it by May.

Anyway, congrats to Mr Fiance for the acceptance. He had waited for almost 2 years.. It's a long period


me with the cap :)

Mr Fiance in his uniform.

the wings :)

Now only I realised I should have written more. Too many things happened in the past 2 years. hehe..

Will continue tomorrow :)

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