Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Contract with MPOB, end this december...

1) Presented 1 poster
2) Done a paper.. under moderation.
*Need to write at least 1 more paper
3) LCA, on-site verification for nursery: CHECKED
for plantation: CHECKED
4) Key in data -> SIMAPRO
*Focus on plantation
5) Green House Gas emission from water pump in nursery: CHECKED
5) Total of NPK in roots, and leaves of palm oil seedlings: CHECKED
in water effluent from palm oil seedlings: CHECKED
6) Proposal work programe for Green House Gas Emission from seedlings at
nursery stage: SUBMITTED to Dr Hanif

waa....... selalu stress fikir pasal master saya... huhue~
cukup tak ni nak grad? adehh.... insyaAllah...

Ya Allah, give me some strength to endure this...

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